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Greater product performance | Accelerated adoption | Reduced turnover Improved customer loyalty | Faster Time-To-Market

Think of us as an extension of your team.

We offer coverage support for implant manufacturers on an outsourced basis.  

We’ve done the hard work to build a talented and professional team to be a resource for you to grow your business with confidence.

Our goal is to learn your business, and then customize solutions that match your objectives. We’ll help you grow and scale your business successfully.


Trusted Professionals

No program is too big and no procedure too technical. We develop a support program based on your business objectives, and our team scales to meet the demands of your product’s growth.

We’re an extension of your brand, serving as your customers’ trusted advisor.



Think you have support covered already?
Think again.

Learn how consumer expectations have grown and how delivering on their needs can give your business a boost. Our technical experts are dedicated to deliver the high-quality level of service your customers expect from your brand.


Customized Services That Support and Grow Your Business

We understand your business and tailor our services to support your goals. Generate revenue with services that allow your team to increase their focus on sales

We like the SimplOR model. A case coverage specialist can help bridge the gap between coming in at a lower price to being able to accommodate the needs of low cost centers.
— Chris Lee, CEO, Vertera Spine